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Some 50 years ago, diesel was virtually limited to use in stationary engines or in trucks. Today, agriculture can use shovel loaders for handling soil or manure, pump, tractor, harvesters, tillers, tree re-planters, timber haulers, aquaculture, sewage or bio systems, power generation units, green-mass chippers, lawn maintenance equipment and so on.  

The land is a huge resource. We depend on the land for a major amount of our food. But the resource is limited. It has to be nurtured and kept at it's best to allow farming to proceed efficiently. The demand for mechanical assistance to look after the land, to work "with the land”, to obtain the most efficient and sustainable use from the land is high in every country.

Yanmar makes machines that allow the best application of man's skills as he works the land. 


In Indonesia, especially in South Sulawesi, hand tractors are really useful and handy for the farmers. That is why we offer our clients the best products of hand tractors named Yamindo. The product line of Yamindo comes in various models. Every model depends on the size and depth of rice fields which the customers have. Today over 50 thousands of Yanmar's hand tractors are powering South Sulawesi's rice fields. This fact makes Yanmar the most trusted, most reliable and the most favourite brand name for hand tractors in South Sulawesi.

Rice Milling Units

Beside hand tractors, Yanmar products come with rice milling units that needed by clients or locals industries for producing rice. Begin from paddy reapers, polishers and hullers and more. Today, over forty thousands Yamindo's industrial products are being used to produce rice.




Compact power equipment on civil engineering jobs everywhere are more and more commonly powered by diesel engines. Large scale projects, as they progress, need many types of such equipment to fill the gap between the huge power excavators, bulldozers and trucks, and the hand-held electric power tools. 


Fa. Alaoe Tappareng has been selling Yanmar diesel engines since Yanmars first factory opened in Sukmajaya, Kota Depok - Bogor, Indonesia and has sold more than hundred thousand diesel engines ranging from 5 to 5,000 horsepower. Today more than hundred thousands Yanmar diesel engines are powering South Sulawesi's leading edge mobile and stationary off-highway equipment. From construction equipment, generator sets, pressure washers, and agricultural equipment, Yanmar is proud to be the leading compact diesel power that helps South Sulawesi and the rest of the Indonesia work their way to a better future.


  • Marine

    In the commercial marine field, Yanmar has amassed quite an amount of experience. Over many years and with constant innovation, we have supplied power sources for virtually all conceivable vessels that ply the oceans, sea, lakes and rivers of the world. For fishing boats, container ships, vehicle carriers, tankers, tugboats, barges, supply, vessels, patrol boats, cruise ships.  

  • Yanmar diesel engine are used for marine propulsion, electric generator, dan for powering on-board equipment that drive pumps and winches, haul nets, etc.

    Today more than fourty thousands marine engines are powering the ships in South Sulawesi and the rest of Indonesia's oceans.


More than 130 countries are using Yanmar in both industrial and civic duties that meet the demands in electricity. Today more than ten thousands Yanmar generators are powering Indonesia’s need in electricity. These generator sets come with many types. 


Besides selling the generating sets, we also sell the Stamford AC generators which sometimes people call alternators. These products come with the range from 8,1 Kva up to 2135 Kva and comes with two types which is double bearing and single bearing. 

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