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PT. Yanmar Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Indonesia (PT. YAMINDO) established at Desa Sumberejo, Kecamatan Pandaan, Kabupaten Pandaan, East Java, Indonesia, in 29th July 1974 and 24th May 1976 start of operations. 



Recently, PT. YAMINDO was awarded as best selling corporation for year 2005 in Shiga, Japan. It is about 1400 people from Yanmar corporation all over the world attending 2006 Yanmar Agricultural Equipment Delaer Convention.



PT. Yanmar Diesel Indonesia (PT. YADIN) established at Sukmajaya, subdistrict in the administrative township of Depok, Indonesia, in March 1972 and started commercial production of its products on June 8, 1973.

PT. YADIN Wins ISO 14001 Accreditation — The First Diesel Engine Manufacturer Certified in Indonesia

PT. YADIN, a manufacturer of diesel engines in Indonesia and affiliate of Yanmar Co., Ltd. of Japan, has become the first diesel engine manufacturer in Indonesia to receive ISO 14001 certification.

Yanmar has long been known for the development and diffusion of economical, energy-efficient engines and related equipment, and has made environmental conservation one of the pillars of its business activities with the aim of contributing to the creation of the sustainable society.

ISO 14001 certification was a major target for PT. YADIN in this, its 30th anniversary year, chosen as a fitting way to consolidate the company’s already high standing in Indonesian society and, by further reinforcing environmental practice in the factory, enhance its corporate edge.

  • Accreditation Agency: KEMA Quality B.V. (Headquarters in the Netherlands)
  • Date of Certification: 24 July, 2003
  • Chronology of Certification:
  • Aug. 2002 Preparations begin
        Nov. 2002 Selection by accreditation agency
        May 2003 Preparatory assessment
        June 2003 Main assessment (YADIN’s 30th Anniversary)
  • Other Information
        Items addressed for certification included electricity, fuel and water
        saving, waste reduction, improved disposal of dangerous and damaging
        waste, and lower noise and air pollution in the factory.


  • Generating Sets

    Hartech as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or generating sets builder has become both pioneer and leader in this fast growing industry. Now by adapting latest technologies from Japan and Europe, Hartech presents top-quality generating sets, which have gone rigid testing, as another option to the people in Indonesia.

    With the company’s experience, expertise and support from two modern and sophisticated facilities which have produced thousands of generating sets, PT. Hartekprima Listrindo will keep doing improvement and modification from all aspects such as design, quality and efficiency. Therefore, Hartech can always provide the best products in the industry from time to time.

    HARTECH® generating sets have two real choices, Silent type (soundproof) and Open type. Our producst are available from 8 Kva to 1000 Kva with standard voltage of 220/380 Volt, 3 phase, 0.8Pf, 50 Hz, 1500 Rpm and equipped with Auto Engine Shut Off and Alarm System for high water temperature and low oil pressure operation.

    HARTECH® SOUNDPROOF generating set with acoustic enclosures are built to withstand extreme weather condition. The acoustic enclosures are manufactured with a steel outer skin and lined with fireproof acoustic material. Attenuators are placed in the hot air outlet and cooling air inlet and exhaust silencers of the residential type are mounted either on the top, or inside the enclosures exhausting to atmosphere. Thus we build the set to meet the latest 70db noise level requirements

    We also provide optional accessories such as Automatic Mains Failure Panel, Auto Transfer Switch Panel, trailer, spring mounting, fuel transfer system, bulk fuel tank, etc.


    AC Generators

    The evolution in power electrical technology has been resolved and implemented in the form of electrical generator. Designed to operate in some of the difficult environment and applications such as industrial, mining, construction, telecommunication, marine and other. The generator must withstand favorably to every application in providing a reliable source of prime or standby power supply.

    The power need has become a lifestyle demand with which we cannot live without and seemingly to continue accelerating with time since the development for factory, industrial site, buildings construction and other infra structures is inevitable to support growth in Indonesia.

    Early in 1983, in Jakarta, The business begin building factory known as PT. Newage Engineering Indonesia a joint venture with Newage International (England), we covered a wide range of need of generator to sell all over Indonesia Market. As we ceased off our manufacturing operations we operate under PT. Mitra Pratama Listrindo since 1998 until now.



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